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Posted by Wigallo - June 10th, 2008

Well, my first post that I ever did was about me starting a music video on the song "I Remember Larry" by Weird Al. I started it in October and have SLOWLY worked on it. Mainly because of school, and I might have a slight case of ADD. But any way, I thought I would make another post about what I got. I have animated 75 seconds of it, and I believe it is 3 1/2 minutes long. Does that mean it is a uber film that takes forever to make? No. Like I said, I just haven't worked on it. Well I promise I WILL have it done and released sometime in August. Hopefully my birthday (August 20th :D). I thought I would go ahead and post a link to my "website" (all it is is a Freewebs.com website that I use to show to friends sometimes). Here is the link:


There is some other crap on the website, I don't care if you look at it, but its nothing interesting. Do want to say that everything on there is done by me except for the coding which is done by fellow Newgrounder lepracuanjohn. He hasn't done crap for submissions, but he isn't bad at Actionscript. Me and him might be having a game coming out in the next month, but nothing confirmed yet. Well that is all I have to say, please please please, leave comments. I will respond to every last one. Just give me your thoughts on I Remember Larry or w/e.

- Wigallo

Posted by Wigallo - October 6th, 2007

Hey I am making a Music Video of I Remember Larry by Weird Al. I saw that RWappin (the author of the popular "Everything You Know is Wrong" and a little less popular "Albuquerque: THE MOVIE") is thinking of making a couple of music videos and I Remember Larry is on the top of his list. I started my shortly BEFORE seeing his (friend suggested making a music video of song). Thought it seemed his style so I checked his page, and TUH DA! First song on his list. I just think it would kind of suck releasing mine around the time of his. I am no noob to Flash, but he is alot better than me. Also my profile picture on the left over there is what the neighbor of Larry looks like in the video. He kinda looks like me. Just drawing and that guy came up so I just stuck with that. But I like it. Kind of has a goofy look to it (goofy = good for Weird Al). Well I think I will actually complete this Flash, so look for it in the future.