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Hoenstly, Somewhat DIssappointing

I'll start off with what I did like. Loved how you are explaining his background...sort of (I'll follow that up later). The animation looked great. The narration did sound amazing.

Now to be critical, and don't get me wrong, I love your work, but this had some problems. First off, the explaining of the background. That isn't how Brackenwoood operates. It's different, but that does not mean good. It wasn't bad, but just OK. The animation did look awesome, but there was few of it, and something was off from the usual. Usually it looks a little smoother, and I guess I should say more realistic/detailed. I could easily point out where you used the radient in certain spots, and I could never do that before. This one was also much shorter. This is NOT bad, but it doesn't quite live up to all the others. I have hopes for the next one, but I guess we'll just have to see.

chluaid responds:

Please write me up a bible on "How Brackenwood operates" so that I can get it right next time.

Nice Animation But...

The audio was from WKUK (duh), and most of the humor came from that. Your animation although did hold itself it up, so it's not funny just because of the audio, you animation added laughs.
Nice job.

Ya, not really that disturbing

Ok, I will admit this. You have a fucked up mind. Which can be good when making flashes, but this is just retarded. I love a disturbing flash as the next guy, but are you ever going to make something new? Everything I see you make is just the same shit, over, and over. The animation is pretty well done, and I think you are set on that, but it needs some work besides that. I mean a guy listening to the thoughts of a dog, and taking his body...idk it really doesn't come off that disturbing, just somewhat weird.

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NotThat Good

I've been looking at this, and realizing I shouldnt taking it seriously, I decided to wait to play it when I was just relaxing. So I just did and it bored me so much. I mean naked women? I can just get on google images. The violence wasnt good at all. I like the idea, but it just didn't turn out good in my opinion. It wasn't bad though, so I will give you a decent score, but work on it more. Maybe more jokes, illusions when you take the drugs, I mean SOMETHING! It was just way to dry for a joke game.

Pretty cool

I don't know why but I like it when people submit submissions with that NES (pixel, 8-bit w/e) look, but with newer elements added. I thought this was pretty fun, running over people. Gets pretty challenging. As for controls I think they are great. I think the reason other people are complaining is because they just hold down the gas the whole time. I mean in real life do you think you would have perfect control if you floored it the whole time? Well the style was cool, pretty challenging, and over a good game.

I expected this

I just knew someone would do this and here it is. It is funny just seeing this, but, of course, it is horrible, so I have to give it a low score.

Helping Newgrounds get rid of sh!t. And maybe submitting some good Flashes in the process.

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